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Ban Flag Burning Ban Everything Essay Research free essay sample

Boycott Flag Burning, Ban Everything? Article, Research Paper Boycott Flag Burning, Ban Everything? Residents # 8217 ; option to hail terminating ought to non be denied, as there is nil charlatan in rule about creation so for the expectation of indicating one # 8217 ; s contradict from specialists Torahs or examples. This is their cardinal right of causing all that they to if you don't mind each piece long as it does non struggle on the privileges of others. The Supreme Court, the umpire of the government framework, has just controlled ordinarily for the activity that is ensured by the First Amendment # 8211 ; the opportunity of address. Congress has other than over and over, multiple times precisely, dismissed measures about such undertakings. A definitive ground is on the grounds that disallowing residents to fire the banner is unlawful. In the notable Texas V. Johnson occasion, Supreme Court verified that what Gregory Johnson did ( fire a banner ) was expressive conduct, ensured by the Constitution, and his activities did non speak to fighting words. We will compose a custom article test on Boycott Flag Burning Ban Everything Essay Research or on the other hand any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Since non all violative conduct will propel an open viciousness or upset the harmony, the specialists may non condemn specific sorts expressive conduct just in light of the fact that they may hold such impacts. The main part of Judgess other than made the praised quote, if there is a bedrock rule basic the First Amendment, it is that the specialists may non restrict the appearance of an idea simply in light of the fact that society considers the idea itself violative or obnoxious. The contemptuous practices of Ku Klux Klan are no vulnerability offensive and disturbing, yet we despite everything digest them. It is on the grounds that we know out and out if Marches and introductions were non permitted, we would neer hold seen the achievement of the social equality movements. Americans live in an express whose Constitution certifications to secure her residents # 8217 ; rights. As Senator Ted Kennedy stated, The expressions of the primary revision are basic and olympian: Congress will do no statute foreshortening opportunity of address. The proposed sacred alteration [ forbiding banner ignition ] would undermine that cardinal self-rule. The perilous segment of go throughing such a statute is, that it is non about decimation of physical things, however advises individuals how to accept and move. Since one does non like the idea about terminating the national symbol, this does non mean the person can force others to end, as the symbol itself speaks to opportunity. Opportunity is a standard this state was established on. In the event that people are non permitted to dissent in a way just on the grounds that it is non liked to other people, it is anything but difficult to destruct the principles of America. That is the thing that truly subverts the significan ces of the image. No big surprise Bush s secretary of region, Colin Powell, a resigned four-star general who restricted the progression in 1999 stated, I would non correct that incredible shield of popular government to pound a couple of criminals. The banner will wing long after they have sneaked off. A few restrictions think it is only discourteous and provocative to fire the banner. This is likely their most grounded and simply articulation. Definitely, it is ill bred or even ghastly ; it is other than non a fit way to dissent. Notwithstanding, it is non a changing over ground to edit a movement that does non struggle on others # 8217 ; rights. Everything it does is to disturbed a few gatherings since they locate that violative. Furthermore, figure has an option to stop people from non regarding that person. The Supreme Court one time expressed, # 8220 ; One grown-up male # 8217 ; s licentiousness is another grown-up male # 8217 ; s verse. # 8221 ; If Torahs can be passed just on the grounds that something offends individual # 8217 ; , one can scarcely make anything in this state. For case, the provocative and scornful wordss of those famous rappers are really violative, yet this state suffers them since this is the ground why we like it. It is pitiable to set individual in gaol since the person consumes a bit of texture ( non to advert that is their ain assets ) . Laws dependent on feelings are ever hazardous. In the event that the inspiration of set uping an enemy of banner burning statute is to rebuff the desecraters, there is a high chance that there might be a law forbidding breaking the banner sometime in the not so distant future. Moreover, regardless of whether there is a guideline disallowing them to execute the spoiling, it does non do them go increasingly respectful to the banner. In any case, one thing for certain is that the law will effectively devastate the soul of opportunity. I wonder how extraordinary it will be to hold a statute that does us nil great however simply raises more battles. The extremely first proportion of puting up such a law may take to a chain-response doing the death of an ever increasing number of woeful Torahs. In the event that there is a law forbidding terminating the banner to day, there might be a statute restricting cracking it tomorrow on account of impoliteness. What one should make is to comprehend the genuine significances of the image, however non aimlessly love it. A bit of texture is pointless. What are of import are its considerations, which can non be singed or expelled. In the event that the image is a greater amount of import than what it speaks to, so the banner is cursed, is mishandled. This state does non require the mass to arrange what the minorities should make, and neither do the legends who took a chance with their lives to fight for the national symbol. ( I have conversed with certain veterans about this issue ; and shockingly bounty, dissimilar to what a great many people imagine that they should invite the banner consuming statute, the heft of them, simply like General Powell, do non consider it to be a decent idea. ) It is exorbitantly much an expense to give the soul of the Red, White and Blue for the enthusiasm of physical love.

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Product Development Strategy

Item Development Strategy Given the quick changes in customer tastes innovation bone-dry rivalry organizations must build up a constant flow of new items and administrations A firm can acquire new items m two different ways. One is through securing by purchasing an entire organization a patent or a permit to deliver another person s item The different as through new-item advancement m the organization s own examination - and-advancement office By new items we mean unique items item enhancements item changes and new brands that the firm creates through its own innovative work endeavors. At the point when an association brings an item into a market they should ask themselves various inquiries. Who is the item focused on? What advantage will they anticipate? How would they intend to situate the item inside the market? What differential bit of leeway will the item offer over their rivals? New items keep on falling flat at an upsetting rate. One source evaluates that in excess of 90 percent of every single new item flop in inside 2 years Another-study proposed that of the amazing 25,000 new shopper food, drink, magnificence, and human services items to hit the market every year, just 40 percent will associate with 5 years after the fact Moreover disappointment rates for new modern items might be as high as 30 percent. For what reason do such a large number of new items come up short? There re a few reasons Although a thought might be acceptable the market size may have been overestimated Perhaps the genuine item was not planned just as it ought to have brew Or possibly it was inaccurately situated in the market valued too high or publicized ineffectively An elevated level official may push a most loved thought notwithstanding poor promoting research discoveries Sometimes the expenses of item advancement are higher than anticipated, and now and then Competitors retaliate more enthusiastically than Expected. Anyway the purposes for some new item disappointments appear to be really evident Try the accompanying on for size. Audit of Literature Item methodologies At the point when an association brings an item into a market they should ask themselves various inquiries. Who is the item focused on? What advantage will they anticipate? How would they intend to situate the item inside the market? What differential bit of leeway will the item offer over their rivals? We should recollect that Marketing is on a very basic level about giving the right heap of advantages to the end client, thus the idiom Marketing isn't tied in with giving items or administrations it is basically about giving changing advantages to the changing needs and requests of the client (P.Tailor 7/00) Philip Kotler in Principles of Marketing conceived an extremely intriguing idea of advantage working with an item For an examination the book of Principles of Marketing by P.Kotler. Kotler recommended that an item ought to be seen in three levels. Level 1: Core Product. What is the center advantage your item offers?. Clients who buy a camera are purchasing all the more then only a camera they are buying recollections. Level 2Actual Product: All cameras catch recollections. The point is to guarantee that your potential clients buy your one. The procedure at this level includes associations marking, adding highlights and advantages to guarantee that their item offers a differential preferred position from their rivals. Level 3: Augmented item: What extra non-substantial advantages would you be able to offer? Rivalry at this level is based around after deals administration, guarantees, conveyance, etc. John Lewis a retail departmental store offers free multi year ensure on acquisition of their Television sets, this gives their 'clients the extra advantage of genuine feelings of serenity over the five years should their buy build up a deficiency. Thought age New item improvement begins with thought age the precise quest for new item thoughts. An organization normally needs to produce numerous so as to locate a couple of good once. As indicated by one notable administration specialist, For each 1 000 thoughts, just 100 will have enough business t0 guarantee to merits a little sca1e analyze just 10 of those will Warrant considerable monetary responsibility and of those a couple will end up being unfit victories. His decision? In the event that you need to locate a couple of thoughts with the ability to enchant client, foil rivalry, and rush speculators you should initially produce hundreds and conceivably a huge number of unusual vital thoughts. Inward Idea Sources Utilizing inward sources the organization can discover new thoughts through conventional innovative work. It can pick the minds of its officials Scientists engineers fabricating staff Sand sales reps Some organizations have-created effective enterprising projects that urge representatives to concoct and grow new item thoughts. For instance 3M s notable 15-percent rule permit representatives to burn through 15 percent of their tine bootlegging - taking a shot at ventures of individual intrigue whether those task legitimately advantage the organization. Organizations a few times search for inventive advancement moves toward that conquer boundaries to the free progression of new item thoughts For instance firms like Eureka Ranch-a notable new item incubation center - utilize both technique and franticness in helping organizations to kick off their new item thought age process. Outer Idea Sources Great new item thought likewise originate from watching and tuning in to clients The organization can dissect client questions and protests to discover new items that better tackle expends issues Company designers or salesmen can meet with and work. Nearby clients to get recommendations and thoughts The Company can direct reviews or center gatherings to find out about Consumer needs and needs. Heinz did only that when its analysts moved toward kids who devour the greater part of the ketchup sold discover what might make ketchup additionally engaging them The appropriate response change the shading So, Heinz created and launc1iedEZ Squirt green ketchup that comes iii a squeezable container focused at kids Blastin Green ketchup was a raving success, so Heinz caught up with a whole rainbow of EZ Squirt hues, including Funky Purple Passion Pink, Awesome Orange, Totally Teal, and Stellar Blue. The EZ Squirt bottle s extraordinary spout likewise radiates a slender ketchup stream, so childr en can signature their burgers (or spurt somebody over the table however Heinz fails to make reference to that). In all the new line earned the Company a 5 percent expansion in deals ii the main year in the wake of hitting the staple rack. Buyers regularly make new items and uses all alone and organizations can profit by putting them available. For instance for a considerable length of time clients were getting the message out that Skin-so-delicate shower oil and cream was additionally a breathtaking bug repellent. While a few Consumers Were content essentially to wash a water scented with the fragrant oil others conveyed it in their rucksacks to mosquito-plagued campgrounds or kept a jug on the deck of their sea shore houses Avon tuned the thought into a total line of Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard PLUS lR335Â ® items including the Insect Repellent Gentle Breeze Moistures Sun square Lotion SPF 30 a blend lotion bug repellent and sunscreen. The quest for new-item thoughts ought to be deliberate instead of random. In any case barely any new thoughts will surface and numerous smart thoughts will bite the dust Top administration can stay away from these issues by introducing a thought administration framework that guides the progression of new plans to a main issue where they can be gathered inspected and assessed hey setting up such a framework the organization can do any or the entirety of the accompanying. Designate a regarded senior individual to be the organization s thought chief. Make a cross-utilitarian thought the executives panel comprising of individuals from RD, designing buying tasks money and deals and promoting to meet regri1rly and assess proposed new item and administration thoughts. Set up a cost free number or Web website for any individual who needs to send another plan to the thought chief. Empower all organization partners representatives providers, wholesalers, vendors to send their plans to the thought supervisor. Set up formal acknowledgment projects to remunerate the individuals who contribute the best new thoughts. Thought Screening The motivation behind thought age is to make an enormous number of thoughts. The motivation behind the succeeding stages is to diminish that number. The main thought diminishing stage is thought screening, which helps spot smart thoughts and drop poor ones as quickly as time permits. Item advancement costs rise incredibly in later Stages, so the organization needs to proceed just with the item thoughts that will transform into gainful items. The item is to dispose of unsound ideas preceding committing assets to them. The screeners must ask at any rate three inquiries: Will the client in the objective market profit by the item? What is the size and development gauges of the market portion/target advertise? What is the present or anticipated serious weight for the item thought? What are the business deals and market slants the item thought depends on? Is it in fact achievable to make the item? Will the item be productive when fabricated and conveyed to the client at the objective cost? Numerous organizations require their officials to review new-item thoughts on a standard structure that can be assessed by another item advisory group. The review portrays the item, the objective market, and the opposition. It makes some unpleasant appraisals of market size, item value, improvement time and costs, producing expenses, and pace of return. The board of trustees at that point assesses the thought against a lot of general measures. For instance, at Kao Company, the enormous Japanese customer items organization, the council poses inquiries, for example, these: Is the item genuinely helpful to buyer and society? Is it useful for our specific organization? Does it work well with the companys destinations and procedures? Do we have the individuals, aptitudes, and assets to cause it to succeed? Does it convey more an incentive to clients than do contending professional

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The 2011 Brass Rat!

The 2011 Brass Rat! Blogging the Ring Premiere is a big deal. Like, really, its a big deal. Look at the application that Snively used to determine which sophomore blogger will get to blog Ring Premiere! So I must admit, I didnt know that blogging the Ring Premiere has become, and I here quote, from JKim. The Brass Rat is a long-standing MIT tradition that has given rise to MIT Admissions own, relatively young tradition: blogging Ring Premiere! And so, after three beautiful years of Ring Premiere blog entries, Im proud to be blogging the debut of this years Brass Rat to the rest of the world. (I kind of do feel like this is sort of a blogging rite of passage, actually. I remember reading Meliss ring premiere entry as a prefrosh and wanting one like Sam wants Ina Garten.) Wow, way to be clueless about this whole blogging-thingy, Chris Su. Upon realizing the monumental task thats upon me, I took to myself to study all the assigned reading (ie. the myriad blog entries regarding Ring Premiere in the past please scroll down to the end of the entry for a complete listing), and I am proud to present this years Ring Premiere to you in words, pictures, and video! :) Just keep reading~ Even from the morning of February 6, 2009, you know that somethings up in the air. :) The night began with great anticipation. :) (after a line that stretched all the way across the main courtyard in front of Kresge Auditorium, being scrutinized by the door security guards (in reality members of the Class of 2012) that we are in fact, members of 2011, and obtaining a raffle ticket (more on that later!) with our student ID) Someone (it turns out to be the esteemed Matt McGann) once said, you really only see your complete class in three occasions: 1) Frosh Orientation Picture, 2) Ring Premiere, and 3) Graduation (maybe 4) Ring Delivery). On Friday night, I peered out at the sea of faces and realized what a magical job it is to be the Admission Officer of MIT to be able to hand out the Golden Ticket of MIT to every. single. person. present. Wow. :) Presenting: Ringcomm! An interesting thing to note is that we have 13 people on the Committee, rather than the 12 from last year, the Class of 2010. For more information on this matter, please visit Snivelys extensive coverage on this matter. Nuff said. The first presentation is the Hackers Map, the engraving of the MIT Map on the inside of the ring. The biggest addition to the Map this year (2010s was pretty standard and 2009s had Building 6 blocked off due to construction) is Building 76 a new building in construction between the Stata Center and the Biology Building. The Building began construction during our time here at MIT (which caused great inconvenience passing between Stata and the Bio Building (I ate lunch on the lawn next to the Bio building during Freshman Orientation, when the food trucks were still close to the Bio building instead all the way at Kendall! Sadly, the lawn is nonexistent now, due to construction.)) and is scheduled to complete December 2010, before we graduate. :) The two sides of the bezel are inscribed with the Cambridge and Boston skylines, respectively, and usually theres small tweaks to the basic design (2010 added the Hood Blimp, fireworks over Fenway, crew and sailboats on the Charles River). We emphasized Ashdown House (to commemorate the establishment of Phoenix Group, the first group that will move into the new Ashdown), Student Center (to emphasize the various student groups present on campus), and Stata Center (for the unique architecture? =p). I think the really cool thing, though, is that we spelled out 2011 on the Green Building lights (the Green Building has turned into a convenient location for hacks, due to the symmetrical alignment of the building lights and the easy visibility from Boston). Also, we modified the sailboats on the river to spell 11. :) The other thing that I had always really liked is the contrast between day and night on the Cambridge and Boston skylines. The Cambridge skyline is presented at night, to point out the fact that were primarily nocturnal, while the Boston skyline is depicted at day because were looking towards the bright dawn of the future. hee =D Despite all the controversy over the ring in the past, the Class of 2011 opted for a neutral design, incorporating the traditional seal along with part of the CERN logo at the bottom (to commemorate the Large Hadron Collider), and MIT spelled out in nuts and bolts at the bottom (with the screws tightened to reflect 11!) Finally, our class shank features Athena, the goddess of wisdom but more importantly, our unique operating system at MIT (seriously, Im still figuring out how to use Athena command prompts), surrounded by laurels and the two-sided owl (both symbols of Athena) at the bottom. Perhaps the most notable part (and again, one of my favorite parts of this Brass Rat!) of the class shank are the three hackers on top of the dome, as a celebration of the MIT hacking culture but perhaps also to reflect all the controversy that hacking has generated at MIT in these few years. Either way, I think its awesome that we give credit for these engineers that truly do their best work at night. Then, finallyit was the moment that weve all been waiting for. The main bezel. Since the excitement is just too much to contain, Ill let the video tell you the full story. :D What can I say, pretty nice, eh? :) To be really honest, I had no OMG WTHBBQ IS THIS RING?! until I saw Annas Burrito. (I mean, the first standing beaver (before the other random things started appearing) wasnt THAT bad, right?) It was truly the Burrito when I FINALLY realized the cat was out of the bag. lol. In case you missed it, these were the meaning of the highlights in the Fake Bezel: Construction: The amount of construction at MIT is seriously alarming. Building 76 aside, it seems like theres ALWAYS a staircase (that Im trying to use) under construction, or theres a sidewalk in need of fixing, or theres an angry policeman trying to guide you through a detour.etc. 8.01 Clicker: LOL MAD PROPS. This is actually something that I would really like to have on the ring. Come on, 2006 had it on their seal shank! For those that are just tuning in, the 8.01 and 8.02 (introductory freshman physics) classes utilize clickers, which are used to track attendance and also used supposably as a method of gauging student understanding in a real-time fashion during class. But there has also been a lot of complaints about the mandatory clicker (which costs near $30) and its use in tracking responses (if you want the clicker points of the grade about 5% of the total course grade in both 8.01 and 8.02 youll have to show up to class and stay sufficiently awake during class to click a response in when the clicker questions (strategically positioned in lecture at the point when the student is the most drowsy) pop up during lecture). Thus, the 8.01 clicker is usually the symbol of the love-hate relationship (mostly hate perhaps 1% of love) with TEAL. Guy Fawkes: Remember, remember, the Fifth of November Annas Super Burrito: the most convenient source of tooling sustenance, followed by bouts of drowsiness and flatulence. (note to self: I really want to run a nutritional analysis on their steak super burritos, or, for that matter, their quesadillas) Charlie the Unicorn: During Frosh Orientation, and hes just very awesome, in his own right. Kresge Auditorium: is 1/8 of a perfect sphere. Its actually rather funny how the fake bezel had that little speech build-up in the beginning, while were confronted with our actual Beaver right after the fake bezel without too much warning. =p But ahh, what a pleasant sight it is to behold the familiar beaver (as much as we love the Charlie the Unicorn, I dont want to have to explain to my grandson what Candy Mountain is 50 years down the road) Unlike any other Brass Rat before, our beaver is sitting on the Harvard Bridge, linking Boston (with one building shaped like a memristor) and Cambridge (the panoramic on the Wikipedia page is a pretty apt description of what the bezel is like check out the Naming Legend on that page while youre at it). The bridge is the our entryway to the outside world, the bane of our existence in the winter months (when you just missed Saferide), and the vital link between campus and the many fraternities, sororities, and living groups that lie on the other side. The bridge is dotted with MIT symbols (the logo in the railing of the bridge and the Smoot markings (celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Smoot, which occurred in October 2008, and the 150th anniversary of MITs establishment)). Our beaver has his hands quite full of items the globe symbolizes our diverse roots, but all working together to achieve the final goal the diploma at the end of our 4 years here. In addition, the scale symbolizes not only the well-balanced nature of our class, but also the delicate equilibrium between punting and tooling, which defines every student at MIT. What I found to be pretty surprising (and also quite innovative) is the sapling on top of the scale, designed to reflect the MIT initiatives on sustainability and energy at MIT. Which is a very, very, popular topic here at MIT in recent years. Going a little bit further, one can easily tie it in with the numerous international development initiatives also present here. Kudos for incorporating such a dynamic topic here at MIT into the ring! The 12 by 12 hatches on the beavers tail represent us as MITs 144th graduating class, and finally, the MIT beaver crushes eight Ivy Leaves with the weight of MITs accomplishments, with the spade symbolizing the MIT Blackjack Team, the movie 21, our Freshman Orientation theme, and also Harvard, since they pretend to be the big boss of academia. ;) Finally finally, (I thought this was a nice touch) the Longfellow and Zakim (noted for its unique shape its the triangular one) bridges in the background with the Red Line train running on the Longfellow! Next thing to look forward to Ring Delivery, which would occur on May 8, 2009. (after the sophomores see their ring design in February, the bulk order requires the the complete delivery of rings to happen a few months later, usually in April/May. Although the RingComm members get their Brass Rats in time for Ring Premiere and get to wear them for 3 extra months before we do!) Either Snively or Paul will be documenting that event, so stay tuned! SPECIAL FEATURES (didnt I tell you that this was Ring Premiere: the DVD? muhahahaha) As an added bonus, Im including an interview that I conducted with two RingComm members, Grace and Tian, to give you more of an idea of what goes on behind closed doors for the 9 months or so since RingComm was first selected. Small liberties have been taken in editing the responses for clarity and repetition, and a big round of applause for Grace and Tian for answering my questions! :) 1. How does RingComm function? How often did you meet? What were the individual roles within RingComm? Grace: We first met at the end of last spring with a few previous RingComm members, who gave us a little advice and guidance. Then, several of us were here in Boston over the summer, so unofficial meetings actually started a long time ago checking out venues and thinking of ideas. When the school year started, we typically had meetings twice a week one with Peg and Tim (the Balfour (note: the company that makes the rings) reps) and one by ourselves. The chair basically ran the meetings. We would tell Tim, our amazing artist, our ideas and he would send us proofs of what the ring might look like, which we would further discuss. The vice-chair booked meeting places, talked to a lot of different people who could help us out, and took care of most of the logistics. There are several other roles, such as the treasurer who handled the budget, the secretary who took meeting minutes, the historian (me, I mostly snapped pictures of venues and wherever else we went), and the webmaster who se t up and continues to maintain our website. In addition, later on we formed a few sub-committees responsible for shirt and shotglass design as well as publicity, but pretty much everyone works on everything a little bit. Tian: During the year, we met twice a week for about 2-3 hours each time sometimes more, sometimes less (though the latter is really rare). At the meetings with Peg and Tim, we would provide feedback about the latest sketch/changes we wanted to make, and share more ideas of things we wanted to incorporate into the ring. In the other meetings, wed also spend time brainstorming ideas, providing feedback, discussing more logistical things (i.e. ring premiere and delivery venues/dates/times, timeline, etc.). When the week of Ring Premiere came around, we were basically meeting every night to practice and run through scripts. Meetings were mostly lead by the chair, who did an excellent job of getting everyones viewpoints and keeping us on track. The chair was also in charge of contacting potential delivery venues and working out details in regard to that. The vice chair dealt more with logistical aspects, such as booking meeting rooms and getting in touch with people who could extend help to us. Other roles include: secretary (records meeting minutes), treasurer (oversees budget), historian/unofficial social chair (takes pictures/records all memorable moments), and webmaster (creates and maintains our website). As Grace mentioned, we also had sub-committees that were responsible for publicity, designing/ordering t-shirts and shotglasses, and text in brochures. We had a gold committee at one point too they kept track of the gold price. So, everyone contributes in various ways during the whole process. 2. What was the timeline for the creation of this ring? Grace: Things got decided as soon as everyone agreed on them, but the designs werent finalized until early November. We had a study break about a month before so we could gauge the general feeling of the class of 2011 on certain issues using a survey and incorporate their ideas into the ring. After finalizing the ring, we started hardcore planning for Premiere speeches, giveaways, the presentation, etc. The whole time, weve also been planning Delivery, the process of which went a little more slowly than we would have liked because we had a bit of trouble with the responsiveness of our venue. Things worked out eventually though, and thats mostly what were going to be doing the rest of the semester. Tian: For the most part, things (design ideas, to be more specific) got decided shortly after they were brought up and everyone agreed to them. There were maybe a few instances where it took a couple of meetings before we could all settle on and agree to how certain design ideas were incorporated on the ring. While the design process was going on, we were actively searching for the ideal delivery venue and were visiting and contacting various locations. After the design was finalized, we focused on preparing and practicing for Premiere. From now on, well be planning and finalizing things, such as catering, for Delivery. 3. An essential component to creating the Brass Rat is undoubtedly incorporating important elements of the Class of 2011 and significant events that happened in recent years. What were some of the most important ideas that RingComm identified through the process? Grace: One matter that we wanted to address was the issue of hacking at MIT. Theres been a lot of discussion around hacking and the administrators attitudes towards it. We thought about incorporating many of the specific hacks that occurred while we were here, but we ultimately ended up putting some hackers on the Great Dome to recognize hacking culture in general. We also felt like we are a really well-balanced class, so we recognized that a little bit. This year was also the 50th anniversary of the Smoot and we are graduating in the sesquicentennial anniversary of MITs founding, so we combined those events into the Smoot mark on the sidewalk. Tian: One major Class of 2011 thing that we all know is that we are the sesquicentennial class of MIT. While we wanted to incorporate this on our ring, we didnt want to put a lot of focus on itso, we ended up combining it with the 50th anniversary of Smoot in the Smoot mark on the bridge. Through the design process, we realized that we wanted our class ring to be a ring that would still be relevant to us come thirty, forty years in the future. So, the way we approached whether or not to include an element on the ring was sometimes by thinking from that perspective. 4. Another challenge to creating the 2011 Brass Rat is finding the balance of keeping true to tradition while incorporating individualistic creativity in designing a Brass Rat has a different vibe than all its predecessors. How did RingComm address this issue? Grace: We wanted the background of our ring to have a totally different perspective than that of any other class. We chose one that we felt really symbolizes the time we shared here the view from the bridge is a gorgeous one that we see quite frequently. Something that was important to us was to have a beaver that looks good. Other than that, we kept many of the traditions IHTFP, ivy leaves, punt/tool while adding in more modern elements such as the memristor and the CERN logo. Tian: We definitely kept a lot of the traditionspunt/tool, IHTFP, ivy leaves, the beaver (we did joke a lot about putting the chairs face on the bezelhaha). The skylines were one area that I felt we let our creativity runespecially with the Green building and its lights :) We tried to cater our design to our class (the beavers tail, sailboats, etc.) Also, being creative doesnt necessarily mean that we needed to add new elements to the ring. We really liked the traditional MIT nuts and bolts insignia, which hasnt been incorporated in recent years brass rats. So, we decided to include it, but also added a twist by making the screws read X + I personalizing it for the Class of 2011. 5. How did RingComm resolve disagreements and conflicts that came up with the creation of the ring? Grace: We basically resolved disagreements and conflicts by voting and talking things out our chair did a good job of gathering everyones opinions and including people who were less vocal than others. Sometimes we would have to table things or have email discussions, but I think were all pretty reasonable people. We shared the same goal of creating a ring that the class will appreciate, so with a lot of time, dedication, and sometimes compromises from those in the minority opinion, we resolved the design issues. Tian: From the very beginning, we all agreed to a voting process, where a certain percentage of present members had to agree before an idea was included in the design. Any disagreements and conflicts that came up along the way was met with discussions (both during meetings and through emails) and voting. As Grace said, our chair did a wonderful job of making sure everybodys opinions were heard and oftentimes tried to come up with compromises that both parties could agree to. We were all there for a common purpose of designing a ring that would be representative of our class and that our class would be proud of wearing. 6. What is the biggest hurdle the RingComm had to overcome? What about the biggest triumph/what the committee is most proud of? Grace: The biggest hurdleour vice-chair not being able to stay awake past her bedtime of 9pm., I felt like the biggest hurdle we had to overcome dealt with our delivery venue they just took an agonizingly long time getting back to us about everything, but finally we got things finalized. The biggest triumph I would have to say is just the design of the ring we had to unanimously approve everything, and after we did, I must say we felt pretty self-congratulatory. Then, when we unveiled it, we got a generally positive response from our class, which was super rewarding after the many hours we spent on it. Oh, also, we were really happy about locking in the price of gold before it started going way up, which is how our rings are less expensive than last years! Tian: In addition to delivery venue, I felt that a significant hurdle we had to overcome was finding the best way of presenting ideas we definitely wanted to incorporate on the ring. For example, the ideas of the owl and of including a reference to the LHC on the ring went through many variations before we found the versions that we all felt would fit well and look good on the ring. I agree with Grace our biggest triumph would be coming up with a design of the ring that all of us support and are proud to wear. Were all very happy that many of our class feel the same way and with the positive responses weve been getting. 7. What do you (personally) like most about being on RingComm? Grace: What I like most is having a little bit of ownership in the design of a ring that is part of a longstanding tradition and that hundreds of people will be wearing. It was also really great working with and learning from the other members, who are fun, amazing, and brilliant individuals! It doesnt hurt either that we get to wear our rings for the next three months before delivery =) Tian: What I like most is that I am able to contribute my time/skills to designing a ring that is a part of MITs tradition. In a sense, its a way for me to give back to MIT. And, its nice to think that in the future, I can look back on this and know that I contributed to something that links us all together. It was also wonderful getting to meet and work with the other membersand it never ceases to amaze me how talented and dedicated they all are. Random: Grace: So we joked in meetings that we would put 201 1s on the ring I never actually counted, but they might be there? i know that there are like 2 1s in the diploma (reflected from each other) and 1s in the two leaves growing out of the scaleif you count like the windows and the rails and basically anything that is a line, you could probably come up with 201 1s. A Message From Snively So during the Ring Premiere, RingComm gave out numerous free goods as prizes for a raffle. Like always, I never win crap, but Snively definitely did! A group of us got to ring premiere early so we could get the seats we wanted. We were first in a line of almost 1000 people, first to get raffle tickets, and the first to get seats near the back so that we could make a quick escape afterwards. Throughout the premiere the ring committee pulled raffle tickets out of a tub and gave away a variety of free prizes. Ring boxes, iTunes gift cards, discounts on rings, and even free rings were handed out. Somewhere around 10 raffle tickets were drawn, and I couldnt believe it when the first one drawn was mine. I was the proud owner of a cherry ring box and $25 iTunes gift card! A little while later the pulled another raffle ticket, and Pegler, two seats to my left, won $100 off his ring! Michelle, who was sitting between us, couldnt believe it. The people on either side of her had won prizes, the chances were ridiculous. Then, they called another number, and to my immediate right, Sam won a $100 discount. Now Michelle was sitting in a row with three raffle winners, nearly completely surrounded, but without a prize herself. It was time for the last raffle prize, a free ring. They pulled the ticket, read the number, and for a second we thought maybe it was finally Michelles number, but all of a sudden Maddie, sitting directly behind Michelle, stood up and won the free ring. In the end, Michelle had two winners on her right, one winner on her left, and a winner immediately behind her, but remained prizeless herself. Shes now convinced that she brings others good luck, while were convinced that we need to sit next to her for every single raffle from now on. ps. ALL of the winners held tickets which said 8915xx, 8916xx. 8920xx. I had 8918xx and my friend had 8919xx and we werent even 100 places close to the winning tickets. Conspiracy, anyone? ;) Suggested Reading Matts Compilation of Brass Rats Mollies 2006 Brass Rat The Techs Article on the 2006 Brass Rat Matts Entry of the 2007 Brass Rat Mitras 2007 Brass Rat The Techs Article on the 2007 Brass Rat Melis 2008 Brass Rat The Techs Article on the 2008 Brass Rat Lauras 2009 Brass Rat The Techs Article on the 2009 Brass Rat JKims 2010 Brass Rat The Techs Article on the 2010 Brass Rat Commenting below is left as an exercise to the reader. Post Tagged #Brass Rat

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The Culture Of The Thule Culture - 1428 Words

The Netsilik are an indigenous community that are descendants of the Thule culture, they reside North of Hudson Bay, just above the Arctic circle. They call themselves the Netsilik or â€Å"people of the seal† because of their unusual diet (Young, 1970). In his video Young states that, â€Å"The winter months for the Netsilik people starts in September and last right up until June, during these months the temperatures can range anywhere from 30-50 degrees below 0† (1970). During the 2-3 months of warmer weather, â€Å"the summer tundra remains wet, since permafrost not far below the surface prevents drainage† (Netsilik, n.d). This causes the Netsilik to migrate frequently. Their first encounter of non-natives was in 1890, a meeting that was brief but would provoke further meetings until the twentieth century. Interaction with other civilizations would only prove to advance their own, for neighboring communities like the Iglulik introduced them to more advanced weaponry like the rifle which eventually replaced their standard harpoon; thus making hunting much easier. Later on in 1920, trading posts were established, this completely changed their economy, for instead of white fox fur trapping and trade, the Netsilik now would trade for additional items made by non-natives, including woolen clothing, tobacco, steel traps, fishing nets, canoes, tea, and canvas tents (Netsilik, n.d). Adding these trading posts not only shows how adaptive the Netsilik are to other cultures, but it allowed themShow MoreRelatedThe Nazis And The Superior Race857 Words   |  4 Pagesworld view with â€Å"the notion that history consists of a Darwinian struggle for existence be tween races, and the Aryan (i.e., Germanic) race has been and still is of supreme importance as the highest race, the only race capable of creating advanced culture.† and that â€Å"human progress depended on two factors: 1) strengthening the Aryan race through eugenics measures; and 2) winning the struggle against the non-Aryan races (necessitating a strong military).† Hitler criticized the corruption of theRead MoreAmerican History And Its Impact On The West And Distant Future1860 Words   |  8 PagesUnsurprisingly, many historic cultures have not been accurately studied in modernity. Due to personal biases, incomplete data, or a multitude of other issues, incorrect perceptions about these collapsed societies remain. However, modern studies are beginning to reveal the inaccuracies of those enduring, false notions. It is valuable to compare misunderstandings to the historic reality in addition to discovering why the past happened as it did. Although newer, more f actual information will not eraseRead MoreThe Future of the Arctic Is in Our Hands1468 Words   |  6 Pagesworking to facilitate the interaction between government, academic, and private institutions in the United States, Greenland, and Denmark to encourage collaboration in environment, science, health, technology, trade, tourism, education, and culture. The Thule Air Base may in the future play a larger role in search and rescue activities since the need for military tasks in north and northwest Greenland will increment with the melting of the polar icecap. Cooperation with non-Arctic states RecentRead MoreMan Made Disasters1673 Words   |  7 Pagesafter the worst disaster of its kind struck on September 11, 2001 (known primarily as 9/11). War War is conflict between relatively large groups of people, which involves physical force inflicted by the use of weapons. Warfare has destroyed entire cultures, countries, economies and inflicted great suffering on humanity. Other terms for war can include armed conflict, hostilities, and police action. Acts of war are normally excluded from insurance contracts and disaster planning. Technological hazards:-Read MoreEssay on The Nature and Role of the Ocean in the Medieval Imagination1525 Words   |  7 Pageswritings of people like Homer. Another major factor influencing the medieval view of the ocean is the ideology of the Desert Fathers. The desert fathers were holy men that lived in the near east, who became disillusioned with the materialistic culture of the time and wandered out into the desert as hermits. They were seen as heroes in their time and were revered as wise men. They were sought out by people wanting guidance and gradually became famous for their way of life. They went out to the desertRead MoreJohn W. Campbell s Who Goes There?1529 Words   |  7 Pagessiding with her when others fear her power, but his concern over her well-being and wanting her to â€Å"trust [him]† exemplifies how he serves as a would-be romantic interest. (The Thing, 2011) In addition, the gynophobia surrounding the all-male crew on Thule Station is exemplified by the fear in that they know â€Å"she’s clever†¦ and now she’s in charge†, consequently destroying the male psychological, dominant hi erarchy by taking the job of Halvorson (The Thing, 2011). Thus, the two central male charactersRead MoreEthnography Report : Eskimo, People Of The Seal2002 Words   |  9 PagesEthnography Report: The Eskimo, People of the Seal Introduction: The Netsilik are an indigenous community that are descendants of the Thule culture, they reside North of Hudson Bay, just above the Arctic circle. They call themselves the Netsilik or â€Å"people of the seal† because of their unusual diet (Young, 1970). In his video Young states that, â€Å"The winter months for the Netsilik people starts in September and last right up until June, during these months the temperatures can range anywhere fromRead MoreEssay about Nepal1826 Words   |  8 Pagesareas is not adequately accounted for the presence of wealthy and corrupt interests in the central government. As with the growth of centralized power, the failure of rural Nepal to adequately challenge centralized power is a result of traditional culture, and a lack of independent institutions, and growing cynicism about aid projects. Nepal is the only officially Hindu country in the world. In Fatalism and Development: Nepal’s Struggle for Modernization, Dor Bahadur Bista attributes Nepal’sRead MoreSRS11105471 Words   |  22 Pagesï » ¿Introduction: The Cross-Cultural Approach Myth: is a story or example believed as true from a religion or culture group (usually an origin story) (The Prophet Mohamad PBUH is true for all Muslims) -myth comes from the greek word â€Å"muthos† which means word: -â€Å"muthos† are not literal words (they are metaphors) -â€Å"logos† are literal words The difference between Myth, Legends, Fairytales   Myth: origin stories Legends: stories that may or may not be believed Fairytales: stories that startsRead MoreHegemony and Discourse : Negotiating Cultural Relationships Through Media Production8970 Words   |  36 Pagescoercive hegemonic forces that constrain, regulate, control and marginalize it. In other words, when an indigenous media movement shifts from local activities to broader, more outwardly directed efforts designed to inform the larger society about the culture, situation and worldview of the indigenous society, a different set of stresses kicks in. Small-scale operations can function ‘under the radar’ of larger systems of economy, politics and power but once an indigenous media organization reaches a certain

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Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Earl Warren was born on March 19, 1891, in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents who moved the family to Bakersfield, California in 1894 where Warren would grow up.   Warren’s father worked in the railroad industry, and Warren would spend his summer working in railroading.   Warren attended the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) for his undergraduate degree, a B.A. in political science in 1912, and his J.D. in 1914 from the Berkeley School of Law. In 1914, Warren was admitted to the California bar. He took his first legal job working for Associated Oil Company in San Francisco, where he stayed for one year before moving to the Oakland firm of Robinson Robinson. He remained there until August 1917 when he enlisted in the United States Army to serve in World War I. Life After World War I First Lieutenant Warren was discharged from the Army in 1918, and he was hired as a Judicial Committee Clerk for the 1919 Session of the California State Assembly where he stayed until 1920.   From 1920 to 1925, Warren was Oakland’s Deputy City Attorney and in 1925, he was appointed as Alameda County’s District Attorney. During his years as a prosecutor, Warren’s ideology concerning the criminal justice system and law enforcement techniques began taking shape.   Warren was re-elected to three four-year terms as Alameda’s D.A., having made a name for himself as a hard-nosed prosecutor who fought public corruption at all levels. Attorney General of California In 1938, Warren was elected to California’s Attorney General, and he assumed that office in January 1939.   On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Attorney General Warren, believing that civil defense was a main function of his office, became the leading proponent of moving Japanese away from the California coast. This resulted in more than 120,000 Japanese being placed in internment camps without any due process rights or charges or any kind officially brought against them.   In 1942, Warren called the Japanese presence in California â€Å"the Achilles heel of the entire civilian defense effort.†   After serving one term, Warren was then elected as California’s 30th Governor taking office in January 1943.    While at Cal, Warren became friends with Robert Gordon Sproul, who would remain close friends throughout his life.   In 1948, Sproul nominated Governor Warren for Vice President at the Republican National Convention to be Thomas E. Dewey’s running mate.   Harry S. Truman won the Presidential election.   Warren would remain as Governor until October 5, 1953 when President Dwight David Eisenhower appointed him to be the 14th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Career as Supreme Court Chief Justice While Warren did not have any judicial experience, his years of actively practicing law and political accomplishments placed him in a unique position on the Court and also made him an efficient and influential leader.   Warren was also adept at forming majorities that supported his views on major Court opinions. The Warren Court rendered a number of major decisions. These included:   Brown v. Board of Education, which declared segregation policies in public schools unconstitutional,Loving v. Virginia, which declared anti-miscegenation laws (laws that enforced and/or criminalized racial segregation in marriage and intimate relationships) unconstitutional,Griswold v. Connecticut, which stated that the Constitution contains a general right to privacy,Abington School District v. Schempp, which prohibited mandatory Bible readings in schools,and Engel v. Vitale, which prohibited official prayer in schools. Also, Warren used his experiences and ideological beliefs from his days as District Attorney to change the landscape in the arena. These cases included:   Brady v. Maryland, which requires the government to provide exculpatory evidence to a defendant,Miranda v. Arizona, which requires that a defendant being questioned by law enforcement must be informed about his rights,Gideon v. Wainwright, which requires that legal counsel be provided to indigent defendants during Court proceedings,Escobedo v. Illinois, which requires that legal counsel be provided to indigent defendants during interrogation by law enforcement,Katz v. United States, which extended Fourth Amendment protection to all areas where a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy,Terry v. Ohio, which allows law enforcement officer to stop and frisk a person if the police officer has a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime and has a reasonable belief that the person may be armed and presently dangerous.   In addition to the number of major decisions that the Court released while he was Chief Justice, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him to lead what became known as â€Å"The Warren Commission† which investigated and compiled a report about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In 1968, Warren tendered his resignation from the Court to President Eisenhower when it became apparent that Richard Milhous Nixon would become the next President.   Warren and Nixon had a mutually strong dislike for each other stemming from events that occurred at the 1952 Republican National Convention.   Eisenhower attempted to name his replacement but was unable to have the Senate confirm the nomination.   Warren ended up retiring in 1969 while Nixon was President and passed away in Washington, D.C., on July 9, 1974.

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Co-education Free Essays

Some people believe that co-education should not be there. In their opinion this can lead to attraction between boys and girls which are neither good for their health, nor character, nor studies. Some other people are of the view that co-education can bring about a healthy competition between boys and girls. We will write a custom essay sample on Co-education or any similar topic only for you Order Now It can mean better discipline since in the presence of girls the boys will not talk irrelevantly or obscenely in the class. The most potent argument advanced by co-education lovers is that it can help both boys and girls in the development of their personality. They can come out of their enclosed shell-like personality and get rid of their unwarranted hesitation and shyness. This can make boys and girls more expressive, progressive and forward in outlook and attitude to life which can be of great advantage to both. Importance of coeducation: Learn that boys are different from girls in many ways. It helps in learning together so it will prepare them for the real world when they have to work with the opposite sex in their jobs. A co-educational environment allows children to socialize with the opposite sex freely. Boys and girls have to live together in the society in their later lives, so coeducation teach it from very beginning that how to leave together with understanding. It has also a common experience that the boys behave in a decent way when in company with girls. The problem of shortage of trained teachers can be dealt with by this system. Boys overcome their curiosity and girls, their shyness. It helps to development a personality of both men and women. The classroom atmosphere would be more positive and even they learn in the classrooms that are very advantageous for children learning. It helps to improve pupil’s confidence to interact with opposite gender. It helps to get more competitive mind than non co-educated pupils. How to cite Co-education, Papers

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The Toadstool Wood free essay sample

One child is it and leaves the group while the other players choose an object in the classroom. The child who is it returns and tries to guess the object. She can ask a maximum of 10 questions of the group members, all of which must be answered by yes or no. Have the it child call on children and ask one question of each person until she has asked 10 questions. Depending on your group size, the it child may ask more than one question of some members. If your group is comprised of more than 10 children, you may increase the number of yes/no questions so each child has a chance to answer a question. The it child may take a guess at any point, but after 10 questions, the it child must take a guess. Whether she is right or wrong, another child takes a turn at guessing. WHAT AM I The teacher starts out by saying, I was in the forest and I heard this sound _____. We will write a custom essay sample on The Toadstool Wood or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page (i. e. chirp like a bird) Then say, I turned around and saw a _____. Students need to guess what you saw. Continue playing, making new sounds. After a few rounds, pick students to lead the game. A variation of this game is to change the location (try sounds in the zoo; at school; in the city). TOSS THAT SMILE Children can sit in circle or throughout the room as long as everyone can see each other. Identify one child as the smile tosser. All children are to keep a straight, serious face while the smile tosser smiles. The smile tosser will smile at all players trying to get them to crack a smile or laugh. If anyone smiles or laughs, they are out of the game. Those out of the game must be absolutely quiet during the rest of the game. The smile tosser can wipe off his smile with his hand and throw it to another player if he wishes. The receiving player will put on the smile and be the new smile tosser. You can even set a time limit on how long your smile tosser is allowed to keep his role